Musical Instruments

様々なニーズにお応えできるよう、充実したラインナップと価格帯からお選び頂けます。[:en]Various string instruments for beginners to intermediate players are available, mainly for mass production instruments produced in various parts of Europe.
To satisfy various needs, you can choose from a fulfilling lineup and price range.[:]

Arany Ferenc Hungary
Björn Stoll Germany
Carola Hendel Germany
Claudio Bacci Taiwan
Conrad Götz Germany
Edgar Russ Germany Italy
Emanuel Wilfer Germany
ENA Violin Japan
Franz Kirschnek Germany
Georg Edler China
GEWA Germany
Horatio Luca Romania
Johannes Rubner Germany
Lothar Semmlinger Germany
Nela Berky Czech-Republic
Otto Jos.Klier Germany
Rainer W.Leonhardt Germany
The Wessex Violin Co. UK

Meister Series

Bönsch Reinhard Germany
Gerbeth Sven Germany
Hiller Bernd Germany
Jacob Veit Germany
Kästner Ute Germany
Knappe Norbert Germany
Kreul Stefan Germany
Krupke Holger Germany
Mallon Gerd Germany
Rehms Stefan Germany
Richter Eckart Germany
Schlegel Klaus Germany
Wunderlich Jörg Germany
Wunderlich Klaus Germany